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Three Treasures Zen Community

We are a community of Zen practitioners based in Los Angeles and San Diego. We are part of the White Plum Asangha, a strong and vibrant Zen Buddhist lineage with centers and sitting groups all over the country and the world.

Image by Daniil Silantev

Regular Schedule

We meet in-person and on Zoom on Saturdays in South Pasadena, California from 9:00-10:45 AM (PST). We also meet on Zoom Monday evenings. We ask newcomers to email us for more info about attending in person or online.



We hold a Zazenkai (day of Zen ) multiple times a year in-person and on-line. We hold a small number of sesshin, or intensive silent meditation retreats, every year often at an affiliate Zen center. Sesshin is part of the core practice that students follow as part of the Three Treasures Zen Community curriculum. It is a chance to study how our minds work in a silent and peaceful setting. Often during sesshin, we will use Practice of Immediacy in the Arts® ( techniques alongside Zazen.

“The empty sky is received with palms together” Dogen Zenji – Everyday Activity

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