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Intensive Silent Mediation


Sesshin is a word that describes intensive silent meditation retreats at TTZC. At these retreats we have the opportunity to study the nature of our thoughts and feelings and how they affect our lives; we can also give our minds a chance to settle down, and watch our responses to slowing down our lives in a peaceful environment. Through extensive sitting periods, interviews with a teacher, service, work practice and eating our meals together in the ancient tradition of oryoki, we begin to understand and appreciate the very nature of our lives. It is in this atmosphere that deep and valuable insights, as well as true Buddhist realization, can emerge. Although ours is a Zen Buddhist community, we also celebrate and encourage creative and alternative forms of sesshin practice. Some retreats are designed without ritual and other formal practices and primarily focus on sitting meditation. Most retreats include Practice of Immediacy In the Arts®; this activity is a way to let go of all expectations, to open to what is present, and express this moment with clay, musical instruments, writing song and poetry. Materials are available or you can bring your own medium. Sesshin, with a focus on intensive meditation practice, deepens our personal practices and can help us understand our lives more clearly. Participants can sign up for all or part of a retreat and will find a supportive and caring community for developing their individual meditative practices.

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